About Us

About the Founder and Inception of The Beautiful Dynamic:- 

Shivank Goswami, is a Multi-Asset Class Trader and an Investor.  He also writes for various financial websites like investing.com. He is also known for his literary work, "Hedging Bullion Trades- Why Trade Naked, When you can Hedge?" which has been a bestseller in the Amazon's US Marketplace. And The Beautiful Dynamic:When Dharma Guides, which also has been a bestseller.

The beautiful dynamic was initially a project Shivank conceptualised to thank one of his guides, who has always inspired him and has backed him. But soon a catastrophic event took place in his life, which shook him both emotionally and physically! Shivank needed assistance and guidance, but all he received was harsh words, and trauma! The ones he thought would assist him, simply chose to follow Akarma and Vikarma! As a result of this, he realised the biggest fact of life. Every single relation (family, guides, friends) which we share in this world is material (made out of Maya), at the end it brings nothing. There is no real love, no real emotions everything is illusionary it being a creation of Maya. What truly exists are our Duties, our Karma. 

After that, all that is left is simply an entity, which exists to fulfill Karma. It exists to do Seva Karya in any form. :)

The Beautiful Dynamic, wants to bring positivity into people's lives through it's products, books, movies, and blogs, just like the guide once brought into his. Shivank believes in Vedanta, and wants to bring people together. 

Even though Shivank is undergoing a lot of emotional and physical distress, he still wants to bring The Beautiful Dynamic into reality(as a sign of respect for his guide), because "to not give up, continue to believe in the dynamic" is something he learned from his guide's older self! So, as a gesture of goodwill, trust, and respect he continues to work on the project!!  

Join us in this project, and enlighten your spirits to go through a beautiful journey of, TRUST, RESPECT, POSITIVITY, and SPIRITUAL ADVANCEMENT! 

Shivank(April 2003 - January 2023) 

A photo of Geminid captured by Shivank.