In those precious moments when your furry companion discovers the ultimate sleeping spot, you find yourself in a delightful predicament. Moving a muscle might disturb their peaceful slumber! So there I was, frozen in place, cradling my dog's paws, for a glorious 20 minutes. 

P.s. :- Shelu my adorable canine friend, rests serenely, reassured by the comfort of my touch. Knowing I'm by his side brings him a sense of security and contentment. :) The innate nature of animals mirrors that of humans. Like them, we embark on journeys across the globe, seeking to unravel the mysteries of life and yearning for a sense of security. Little do we realize that the true meaning of life resides within ourselves, rather than in the external material world that envelops us. It's a profound realization that awaits our discovery. Hari hi Om

Cows are regarded as the most sacred beings, and it is of utmost importance to serve and care for them. The reverence towards these gentle creatures reflects our devotion and respect. Jai Gau Mata, the divine mother cow!

This was taken during the 6-Hour Walk that I did for the Indian Armed Forces! A striking contrast unfolds as the vibrant elements of nature take center stage. Behold the captivating beauty of the towering trees and the vast expanse of the sky! Yet, what truly amazes me is the tree's natural instinct to gracefully arch away from the power lines, evading any potential electrical contact. It's a testament to the resilience and adaptability of nature, showcasing its harmonious dance with the human-made material world (mayavi). !   

They say never look directly into a dog's eye! I once looked in a dog's eye and let's just say things got too complicated! 

In the depths of a dog's eyes, a profound reflection of human nature awaits. As I dared to peer into those soulful orbs, I found myself confronted with a stark truth that left me questioning the very dynamics we share with our fellow beings. It was as if those canine eyes held a mirror, revealing the complexities, the vulnerabilities, and the hidden depths of our existence. The encounter with that dog's gaze stirred within me a profound curiosity about the intricate tapestry of human connections and the myriad of emotions that shape our interactions. 

The journey of spiritual advancement starts fom within. Instead of spending money on courses and classes of self-proclaimed Gurus, we should rather focus on doing Seva Karya and completing our Moral Duties, on completing our Nitya Karma, NishKama Karma, our Kartavya Karma! :)

Meet Mr.Hachi and Ms.Hachan(Haha)

They are one of the most cutest dogs you'll will ever come across! 

P.s. :- Oh, let me tell you about Ms. Hachan (Brown), the ultimate canine trickster! She pulled off the most hilarious charade by pretending to be pregnant for a whole year, fooling everyone, including me. Can you imagine? We showered her with love and care, thinking she was about to have a litter of adorable puppies. But guess what? She was just naturally "fluffy" all along! And poor Hachi, that loyal doggo, willingly gave up his treats, convinced that her phantom pups needed extra nutrition. Oh, the things our furry friends do to keep us entertained! Ms. Hachan, you sly little pupper! 

Meet Puchku! The craziest and the most spoiled pup ever!

You are almost 12years old Shelu, stop with the puppy face already!


Spotted - लाइफ

Song- To the Aisle- The Five Satins

Camera- Canon Powershot A3000IS 2010 Model